Scrap Tire and Rubber Recycling

an overview by Kurt Reschner

In the past ten years, energy and commodity prices increased sharply. Given a 600 % increase in the price on natural rubber, recycling and reprocessing rubber into a new raw material is not only economically sound but also good business.

While some very successful tire and rubber recycling businesses have been established in the past decade world-wide, a great number of projects do not survive the first two years. For this reason, some critics have remarked that in this industry as a whole, more money has been lost than made.

If you consider a new project in the area of scrap tire or rubber recycling, be it as an entrepreneur, lender or investor, it may be prudent to make use of the market knowledge and processing experience of somebody who is intimately familiar with this industry.

Based on 20 years of experience in this industry, the following are may main areas of activity world-wide:

         technical and commercial due diligence for new projects or technologies on behalf of lenders, investors and entrepreneurs

         feasibility studies for new projects world-wide in the area of scrap tire recycling, rubber recycling, devulcanization and pyrolysis

         assistance with technology selection and plant layout

         support from the conceptual idea to the successful start-up

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